Frequently Asked Questions

BQH Weight Loss

What is BQH’s Weight Loss program?

Our weight loss program uses proven supplements combined with a specialized and food list.

How long does it take for me to begin to lose weight?

Most people start seeing results within 4-6 days.

How long is BQH’s program?

Our weight loss program is custom designed to last between 6-12 weeks. They can be continued for longer periods if desired.

What can I eat during my BQH Weight Loss program?

We provide a list of a wide range of specific foods. Our program allows you to eat clean, healthy foods that do not require you to purchase any type of pre-packaged or proprietary meals.

Can I drink alcohol during my BHQ Weight Loss program?

Alcohol consumption is not recommended. However, it is possible to customize a “work around.”

Can I continue to take my prescription medications?


How much does the weight loss program cost?

Costs may vary. The cost for your program will be determined and fully disclosed after your initial FREE consultation. Contact BQH today!

BQH Whole Body and Organ-Specific Detoxification

What is Detoxification?

It is cleaning and supporting specific organs and glands to improve their overall functioning.

What are the eight critical areas that make up a BQH detoxification?

1. Optimization of your body’s overall pH level.
2. Promotion of cell energy health.
3. Optimization of your digestive health
4. Support of overall Kidney health
5. Encouragement of Lymph Chi
6. Liver cleansing
7. Stress Support
8. Jumpstart on a BQH weight loss program

What is BQH’s Detoxification Program?

As a result of QRA testing or other indicators, including the results of medical testing, BHQ will recommend a “Detox Protocol.”

Do I have to change my diet during detoxification?

It is highly recommended. We will provide you with a suggested food list.

Does detoxification effect my body?

Yes. While not painful, you will be aware of the process working.

How long does the program last?

In most cases, between 3-13 weeks.

What happens after I finish my detoxification?

There will be several positive changes, which can include better sleep, more energy, clarity, and a sense of wellbeing.

How much does detoxification cost?

Costs may vary. The cost for your program will be determined and fully disclosed after your initial FREE consultation. Contact BQH today!

BQH Holistic and Fitness Nutritional Counseling

What is the difference between Holistic and Fitness Nutrition?

BQH’s Holistic Nutrition program concentrates on the entire picture of overall general
health. Our program is designed help you live a healthy lifestyle. We can help you
overcome challenges such as diet and stress management.

BQH’s Fitness Nutrition program is aimed at the athletically-oriented person who is
living an active lifestyle. Our plans are designed to meet the many demands you make
on your own body as you live your life to the fullest. BQH’s Fitness Nutrition Program is
designed to ensure you properly fuel your body to achieve your personal lifestyle goals.

What does BQH’s Nutritional Counseling Programs Include?

Through a detailed one-on-one process using both common and customized elements,
BQH will develop a general plan which will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. These
elements can include dietary modifications, stress management techniques, and
guidance designed to help you build long-term healthy habits.

What are some of the common elements of BQH Nutritional Counseling?

Your BQH coach will build an overall picture of your lifestyle through detailed meeting
and consultations. We will develop a report which includes such items as food type

recommendations, sample meal plans, and suggestions regarding supplements. Follow-
up meetings are held on a regular or as-needed basis to help you keep on track.

Does the BQH Nutritional Counseling Program require me to purchase a pre- packaged meal plan?

No! BQH is not in the food sales business. Our program is designed to point you in the
direction you want to travel and provide professional guidance to keep you on the road
to a better lifestyle. Our Nutritional Report will provide you with suggested menus, lists
of suggested food groups, and supplements that you can choose for yourself.

How much do BQH’s Nutritional Counseling Programs Cost?

Costs may vary. The cost for your program will be determined and fully disclosed after
your initial FREE consultation. Contact BQH today!

BQH Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)

What is BQH’s QRA program?

QRA is an effective way of determining specific areas of your body with may need nutrient support.

How does QRA work?

QRA is a non-invasive method which uses testing of reflex points on your body to determine their status and to make specific nutrient recommendations.

Is QRA painful?

No, it is non-invasive and painless.

How can I learn more about QRA?

Contact us for a FREE QRA consultation. Use the contact form found on our website.

How do I find out the results of my QRA test?

Results are immediately available after your test.

How often should I do a QRA test?

An annual full QRA test is recommended. Included in BQH’s QRA Test Package is a follow-up test of those areas of concern which may have been discovered by the initial session.

How problems found by a QRA test be treated?

In most cases, specific nutrients are recommended by the testing.

How much does a QRA test cost?

Costs may vary. The cost for your QRA test will be determined and fully disclosed after your initial FREE consultation. Contact BQH today!

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