How can Quantum Reflex Analysis help me?

Quantum Reflex Analysis(QRA) is a highly effective way to communicate with your body and its specific needs.  As a Certified Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner, I can use this method to pinpoint areas of nutritional deficiency, determine nutrients or formulas, and the amounts needed to provide optimal support and nutrition for each specific organ or control point that is tested.

What can I expect in a QRA session?

During a QRA session, I will test, using non-invasive techniques, key organs, and gland reflex points on the surface of your body.  This will help determine their status and enable me to make specific recommendations, custom-designed for you. 

While testing, you remain fully clothed.  It is conducted while comfortably standing or seated.  Each area is tested using the QRA O-ring testing method, which is highly effective.  This technique is simple, painless, easy to perform, and requires no special effort on your part.

Once I have determined which control points need attention, various nutrients or vitamin formulas will be tested to find the optimum match.

At the end of the testing session, which takes less than an hour in most cases, you will be amazed at the many new insights into how your body works!

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