“Two years ago, I met Betty for the first time. I signed up for a program that would help me turn to a manageable way of eating that I could sustain for the long-term and lose a few pounds. She helped me not only to adjust my eating habits but also to understand how to adjust those habits on my own. Without pressure or judgment, she helped me understand that she cares and that she had my best interest at heart. Several months later I sought Betty out again to do more work towards weight loss.  We worked together for several weeks, but I made little progress. I was surprised when she said to me that I needed to go see a doctor because there was possibly more going on with me than we could address with dietary modifications. She recommended someone who I found to be equally knowledgeable and caring. It was not long before this doctor ordered testing which showed tumors on my ovaries. I went to a GYN oncologist who confirmed cancer. If it had not been for Betty‘s astute observations I would not have found out how sick I really was. I proceeded to get medical attention. My current health is due largely to Betty’s expertise and competence.  She has my complete confidence and respect as a knowledgeable and responsible healthcare professional who is thoughtful and who takes the time to know and understand her clients. Betty stayed in touch with me during the time I went through surgery and chemotherapy and took the time to send me recipes and suggestions to help along the way. I recommend Betty to anyone who seeks to work with someone who will be honest, care about their well-being and employ professional methods and tactics for their benefit.”